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I'm blown away every month by your research and the results of your findings.


I can't even explain how much it has helped me with a better understanding for providing a superior consultation for my brides.


And, of course, being able to get higher prices isn't bad either :)

Deric Mallon

- California

I think I speak for bakers everywhere when I say, "We've needed someone to provide professional marketing and sales help for a long-long time that helps not only the big boys, but also the small baker.


For example, I've taken your "Wedding Cake Sales Guru" training and all I can say is "WOW."


After implementing  your sales tools, the first thing I did was buy a 3 door freezer, to handle more orders. 


Ed, I can't thank you enough for helping a stay-at-home mom become financially successful.

Nancy Efferding