Tier-1 consists of: Foundational Building Blocks and the Quick Start Guide Overview

Tier-2 consists of: Getting to Know Your Competition

Tier-3 consists of: Building Your Evidence: Creating the World’s Best External Perception

Tier-4 consists of: Crucial Lessons From: “The Ultimate Bride’s Guide for Buying a Wedding Cake”

Tier-5 consists of: Sales Tools

Tier-6 consists of: The Wedding Cake Business Master Hierarchy         

Tier-7 consists of: Strategies and Tactics

Tier-8 consists of: The Prosperity Triangle 

Tier-9 consists ofThe Master Sales Blueprint: Putting it all Together in a WINNING System.       

Tier-10 consists of : Wrapping Up the Previous 9 Tiers

To Generate Higher Prices and Surge Orders in as Little as

1-Week, Use These 4 Cutting-Edge Concepts 

(They are in the training and ready to use.)

You'll Love Your Wedding Cake Guarantee

How to Impress a Bride the First Time She Calls

Proving to Brides Your Prices Are Reasonable 

33 Bakery-Buster Questions

  • Professional Coaching to Ensure Your Success

    There's one definitive thing I've learned from  taking courses and training: when coaching is included, a person's chances of success goes up by leaps and bounds. Since I guarantee you'll increase sales, prices, or profits, coaching provides that extra punch to make sure you do.

  • Coveted Gold Standard Wedding Cake Baker

    Through the research findings, we were able to create the first set of standards and best practices for selling and creating wedding cakes. Just as we are limiting our training to 2,000 bakers, out of 65,000 who sell wedding cakes, we are also limiting the "Gold Standard Wedding Cake Baker" designation to 2,000 bakers. You will be one of them.

  • The 5x Advantage That Creates Transformation

  • Innovative Sales Tools Proven to Deliver

    The revolutionary sales tools are the result of research findings with 350,000 brides.

    They are proprietary, powerful, and at the heart of your success. The beauty is, you'll have them...your competitors won't. Plus, I'll be available to help you to modify them for your specific needs.

  • Guaranteed Results That Protect Your Investment

    There's a straight forward reason we can guarantee your success. Everything has been researched, tested, and proven. When you add in the 4 coaching calls, how can you not be rocking and rolling? All you need to do is simply implement half of the strategies, tactics, and tools to be covered by our 100% money back guarantee.

  • Stand-out and Separate Yourself From the Pack

    Research reveals 93% of bakers cannot concisely explain how they are any better or different than their competitors. A key benefit of Wedding Cake Sales Guru is to overcome a bakers lack of separating themselves from their competitors. Doesn't it make sense you'll gain the ability to boost prices and orders when you're in the top 7%?

  • Three - 30 Minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions Personally with Ed  ($435) FREE!

    You'll receive 3 coaching sessions along with your training to answer questions, implement tools and offer advice to support you over the next 24 months. 

  • A 24-Month (an additional 12 months) Subscription to Ed's Monthly "Advanced Insider Wedding Cake Marketing Advisory" ($395) FREE!

    The monthly guide keeps you current with the continuous proprietary research I'm conducting and provides additional cutting-edge ideas using psychology for getting higher prices, making more profit and helping you sell more wedding cakes.


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